What is GoRamp?

GoRamp is an online transport management system designed to centralize information exchange between all members of the supply chain – in real time. Save your company time, money, and focus on the tasks that matter the most – let GoRamp handle the logistics!

Our system is designed to make tendering, warehouse time slot management, documentation scanning and virtual communication between shippers and carriers more consistent and smoother. The entire logistics chain and relevant information related to the transportation of cargoes is available for viewing in real time, which significantly simplifies the management processes. It is important for each client to feel that it is he who controls the situation, from the moment the cargoes have departed from the warehouse, and until the time when it is delivered to the agreed place. We also strive for this, therefore the range of services we provide is constantly expanding..

Why choose GoRamp?

  • Keep tracking information thanks to centralized communication between all members of the supply chain. Say goodbye to delays and information loss!
  • Automate transport orders and information flow – save up to 50% of your working time by cutting out unnecessary and repetitive admin tasks.
  • View all logistics processes in real time.
  • Implement GoRamp in 1 day.
  • Enjoy up to 30% increase in warehouse workflow efficiency thanks to real-time Warehouse time slot management tools.
  • Use various order splitting strategies, which can lead up to a 30% reduction in logistics costs.
  • Forget about hundreds of invoices received from different channels thanks to automated documentation collecting and scanning tools.
  • Easily stay up-to-date with the most important metrics by powerful report creation tools.

                                                        …and most importantly, GoRamp benefits both shippers and carriers.


An innovate system intended to manage and optimize the logistics processes in manufacturing companies. In the Goramp system the logistics services are raised to a new qualitative level.

Save up to 30 % of
logistics costs

• More than 50 % saving on process cost per order
• Up to 20 % on freight spend per shipment

Reasonable for both
SME and Enterprises

• Implementation with ERP possible within 3 months and ROI in 1 year
• Possibility to use as separate fully covered transport management model with implementation in 1 day

Fully covered transport
management process

• All processes covered in 1 platform (tendering, communication, operational changes, invoicing)
• Full transparency for all processes

The smartest way to manage logistics process


Process saving

GoRamp helps you achieve significant process cost savings..


Freight spend saving

..and significantly reduces your spend per shipment ..


GoRamp allows to end-to-end transport management workflow.


Everything you need to drive your procurement life cycle

  • Carriers management

  • Tendering model

  • Centralized easy-to-use spot
    tenders management

  • Access to network of all
    carriers in the platform

Plan and manage

Plan and manage with minimum effort and maximum visibility

  • Automatically received prices for tenders and spot prices

  • Automated transport assignment for contracted shipment

  • Real time notifications about changes

  • Documentation management

  • Warehouse time slot management


Analyse automatically created KPI reports and constantly improve your process.

  • Procurement reports about transportation costs

  • Carriers KPIs

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